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Gavin Creel and Chris O’Neill appeared on The Morning Show today! Click if the embedded video doesn’t work for you.

Please welcome Declan Egan and Charnette Batey to the Jumamosi tour!

Ladies and Gentlemen. My new mission companion @gavincreel @BookofMormon #thisisbouttahappen #Holyballs #😁
— Chris O’Neill (@Chrisoshow) September 17, 2014

Performers will include Bre Jackson, Nyk Bielak, and alumnus Jeff Heimbrock.

"I remember doing “All-American Prophet,” which is that song in the middle of the first act where I was just running all over the stage and there were a million words and nothing ever repeated. It was hard as hell to learn, and doing that and thinking please, Jesus, let me survive through this. If I don’t die in the middle of this number, it’ll be a good one."

Andrew Rannells

For the past year and a half, Gavin Creel has made his home in London, where he originated the role of Elder Price in the London production of “The Book of Mormon” at the Prince of Wales Theatre.

In fact, Creel, 38, spent much of his third decade of life in London, where he also had a long run playing the role of Burt in “Mary Poppins” as well as Claude in “Hair.”

Now, he’s ready to be home — almost.

Creel, a Findlay native who has found great success on Broadway, completed his run in the “Book of Mormon” in London at the end of July. After spending a few months back in New York, where he is now based, he starts a new temporary project, one that will bring him closer to his hometown of Findlay than any role in his professional career.

Today, Creel is joining a traveling tour of “The Book of Mormon.” He will reprise the role of Elder Price at the Princess of Wales Theatre in Toronto until Nov. 30. The tour moves to Montreal from Dec. 2-7, then to Kitchener, Ontario Dec. 9-14. And, from Dec. 16-21, the tour stops at the Stranahan Theater in Toledo.

“I’m thrilled I’m coming to Toledo, I can’t wait,” Creel said during a phone conversation in Toronto, where he was preparing for tonight’s opening show.

To the uninitiated, Cody Jamison Strand said he’d describe “The Book of Mormon” as the story of two Mormon missionaries who get sent to Uganda.

"And that’s all I’d tell them," he said with a laugh.

The actor, who stars as Elder Cunningham in the national tour of the hugely successful Broadway musical, wouldn’t be lying. He just wouldn’t be giving the complete picture.

Changes abounded over the weekend! To summarize…