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"My co-star Nic Rouleau once pulled a muscle in his leg in the middle of a show and had to call out mid-act two. So he finished his number, and the next time he appeared, [his standby] just came onstage and continued the show! They didn’t have time to announce it, so I knew that the audience would be so confused. … Nic is blonde, and his cover has black hair. So as soon as I came out with the new Elder Price, I just said, ‘Oh, Elder Price it’s great to see you. I see you’ve dyed your hair.’ And everybody just went nuts and clapped, and I felt very relieved that I wasn’t going to let this go by without saying anything about it. It was a fun audience bonding moment."

Ben Platt

Universal swing Jeff Heimbrock leaves the Book of Mormon franchise tonight — happy trails, Jeff, and we can’t wait to hear what’s next for you!

Congratulations to new standby Chad Burris, who makes his Cunningham debut tonight in Philadelphia!

(Since Chad’s not on the official site yet, could someone please send in his bio to us? Thanks!)

KITCHENER — On his path to become part of the cast of one of the most popular stage musicals in production, Kitchener-raised Ryan Bondy faced a daunting dilemma.

In order to clear the next hurdle in his quest to join the cast of musical The Book of Mormon, Bondy, aSt. Mary’s Catholic Secondary School graduate, had to make Matt Stone — one half of the duo that created the South Park series — burst into laughter.

"I literally put water on my face and felt kind of light headed. And I was like ’ this is not the time to pass out Ryan, this is not the time, get it together Bondy," the former Charlottetown and Blyth festival performer recalled.

But while sitting next to Stone in a small room filled with many of the show’s creative leaders, Bondy pulled it off.

"When you can make somebody laugh with their own material, it’s a good thing."

The national touring production of the satirical Broadway musical “The Book of Mormon” will stop at Chrysler Hall Oct. 28 to Nov. 2. Tickets for the show will go on sale to the public next Friday, Sept. 5.

"So I’m basically playing all the old white guys in the show. And I guess my favorite is Jesus Christ. How often do you get to play Jesus? And in our production Jesus gets to say lots of things I don’t think he was ever recorded as saying in the Bible."

Ron Bohmer


+ Please welcome Grey Henson to the Broadway cast — he starts tonight. Happy Broadway debut, Grey!

Please welcome Grey Henson to the Broadway cast — he starts tonight. Happy Broadway debut, Grey!

Graham: Tell me about the process of auditioning for The Book of Mormon. I think that is fascinating.

Delius: It was very, very difficult. When I auditioned, no one knew much about the show. They were so careful about the publicity; you never knew what they wanted. You audition over and over again. I went in at least ten times. I went in for the Broadway show and didn’t get it. Then I went in for the tour and didn’t get it. But later I was asked to join the Broadway company to take over for a guy who was joining the tour. They sing you 100 times and dance you 200 times. You wonder, what more do they want from me? I feel like with a lot of these shows, it’s all puzzle pieces. When people leave shows they are often looking for someone like them, or who looks good with height issues or who looks good with whom. There are so many things that are out of your control.

Graham: I think that many of our current and future musical theatre students would find it interesting that you auditioned ten times before you got this role. Some would have given up.

Delius: It’s discouraging because you are thinking, “What am I doing wrong?” I cried, I was angry, and now I can look from the inside out. It’s all about who you are like. Who are you replacing? This is a tall company. This is a short company. This company is young. This company is a little older. It’s just a matter of time.